Not sure what you're looking for? This can help! 

Wellness Products - Any cream, lotion, or supplement (pill) that helps sexual health and/ or general well-being.

Kegel Balls/ Trainers - Used to help with pelvic floor strengthening exercises; helps to isolate PC muscles for a more effective Kegel training session. Regular Kegel exercises results in greater muscle tone, stronger orgasms, and helps to prevent urinary incontinence. 

Enhancers - Lotions, gels, sprays, balms, creams and pills that boost your sexual experience. There are several varieties:

  • Arousal & Stimulation creams/ gels/ oils -   When applied to the clitoris, causes the sensations associated with arousal; Encourages more blood flow to the clitoris to increase sensitivity, ease of orgasm, and strength of climax.
  • G-Spot cream/ gel - Increases blood flow to the G-spot, sensitizing it and making it easier to find.
  • Libido Enhancer - A supplement, pill, or topical cream that increases your sexual desire.

Lubricant - Liquid or gel designed to mimic a woman's natural lubrication. Use to enhance lovemaking; for all toy play; to relieve personal dryness. Varieties include water based, silicone based, hybrid (water based & silicone blended) and sensation enhancing.

Bullet/ Egg-  A compact vibrating massager with endless uses: Clitoral stimulation; Nipple stimulation, virtually anywhere on the body that you desire stimulation.

Vibrator/ Massager - A device that creates stimulating vibrations. May be applied anywhere to the body but usually used for external or internal stimulation. Motors are powered by batteries or recharging (like your phone.) Available in Mini styles (under 5",) regular straight styles, and G-Spot versions with an angled tip.

Dual Stimulator - A vibrator designed with at least 2 types of stimulation points, such as internal and external, simultaneously. Also known as Rabbits.

Wand - A large hand-held massager that can be used to relax body muscles or for external sexual stimulation.

Oral Sex Simulators – Clitoral toys designed to mimic the sensations of oral sex, like licking, targeted pressure, and suction.

Pressure Wave Stimulators – Toys using waves of pressure in combination with light suction, rather than traditional vibration. Using a “touchless” method of surrounding rather than actually resting on the clitoris, these waves stimulate the entire clitoral structure, even parts you don’t see, to result in quick and intense moments of satisfaction.

Suction Toys – Using reverse pressure via the removal of air inside a device, these items encourage an increase in blood flow, resulting in greater sensitivity to the area applied.

Dildo - Cylindrically shaped, usually non-vibrating, object used for sexual stimulation via insertion. May realistically mimic the appearance of a penis or be non-representational. May be made of materials like Silicone, TPE, PVC, TPR, Glass, Ceramic, or Stone.

Plug - Similar in appearance to a dildo, but shorter, with a rounded or tapered tip on one end and a flared base on the other. Designed to be inserted and intended to remain stationary to provide a feeling of fullness /stretch. Can be worn over extended periods of time to dilate the anus to prepare for backdoor sex.

Probe - Similar in appearance to a Plug, but intended to provide sensations. They can be used for thrusting or prostate massage.  May or may not vibrate.  Often longer, narrower, and/or more dramatically textured than plugs.  They are not intended to stay in place or be worn around the way that plugs are, but instead used sexual stimulation via insertion.

Beads - Typically a flexible strand of round or oblong shapes, which are usually graduated in size from smallest to largest. Designed to be inserted into the anus and pulled out to create sexual stimulation, starting with the smallest bead and working up to the largest one at the end, as comfort allows.