Chocolate ON Arousal Oil


ON Chocolate Arousal Oil from Sensuva offers women natural clitoral stimulation that feels like vibration and pulsation when it's applied - plus it has the scent and flavor of delicious chocolate! 

Intended to stimulate the clitoris, ON Arousal Oil will get the job done with just a small amount. Simply apply one or two drops of the arousal oil onto the clitoris, wait, and add more if you seek a stronger intensity. Regardless of why you may be experiencing dryness and/or lacking orgasm, this arousal oil will help you get the sexual response you want so that you're having your best orgasms yet.

The added chocolate element acts as an aphrodisiac to enhance your experience.


  • Increases orgasm intensity, duration and frequency
  • Designed to enhance intimacy
  • All natural botanical blend of essential oils
  • Creates feelings of natural arousal and increased lubrication in most women
  • Delicious flavor and aroma of chocolate
  • Made in the USA
.17 oz