• FuckWater Premium Silicone


    Made with Premium ingredients, FuckWater Premium Silicone is engineered for stamina. 

    Designed for those who require a super long-lasting lubricant, it remains slick so you can stay focused. It remains slippery even under water, making it perfect for use in the tub or the shower or anyplace else you like to get wet. FuckWater Premium Silicone will match your endurance and keep performing as long as you can.

    FuckWater Premium Silicone must be washed off with soap and water and can make floors and surfaces very slippery. Use caution when applying this product in a tub or shower.

    FuckWater Premium Silicone is latex-friendly but may react with some silicone toys. Before using FuckWater Premium Silicone with your favorite silicone toy, please do a spot-test on the bottom or base of the toy. Fuck Water Premium Silicone lubricant is compatible with both latex and polyisoprene condoms.

    FuckWater is FDA 510(k) approved.


    Available in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz,  bottles