Fur Nipple Clamps


Heighten nipple and areola sensation with faux fur

Adorn your nips with these sexy faux fur clamps that keep you engaged and aroused with soft and hard sensations. These soft and fluffy clamps decorate, sensitize, and perk up your nipples.

Thumb screws allow for total precision control of pressure and pain while the luxurious fur tantalizes and tickles with every movement. Tipped in smooth rubber, the metal grips let you adjust the tension with a simple twist of the thumb-screws.

Savor the sweet pain of adorable agony as you play on your own or with a partner, elevating the erotic energy.

1 pair of 2 inch (5.08cm) clips with total length being 4 inches (10.16cm).

Ingredients: 42% polyester, 38% nickel free metal, 10% phthalate free PVC