• Gradient Rainbow Quartz Crystal Pendant

    $18.00 $12.95

    The rainbow is a very strong symbol of the movement of your consciousness through the different levels of growth that each color of the rainbow represents. They stimulate every chakra to give you the courage and the strength to make it through everything else that will come your way. 

    These necklaces are made with pieces of natural quartz crystal, roughly cut into points so that each is unique and differently shaped. The crystals have a gorgeous rainbow gradient coating added to them, fading down in a spectrum of colors to the end. Each is set in a gold-toned holder to fully show off the range of stunning hues.

    Perfect and simple for wearing on their own, or layer them up for a truly distinctive look! 

    Each crystal is different - some have natural inclusions so are more cloudy or have steaks and textures running through them, and some are more clear. Necklaces will be selected at random, and each comes packaged in a lovely black organza bag with gold details.