• Pussy Pump


    Super sensitize your vulva to new heights of pleasure with this full size pump designed just for her. The cup is ergonomically curved to fit perfectly over the vulva to enclose the labia and clitoris to heighten sensitivity and increase pleasure via suction.

    To use, simply squeeze the inflation bulb until the desired level of suction is reached. A pressure release button ensures things don't get too intense, and the unique release valve allows for the removal of the non-kink hose and inflation bulb while retaining the vacuum pressure in the cup.

    • Heightens Sensitivity And Pleasure
    • Suction Plumps Labia And Clitoris
    • Ergonomically Curved Suction Cup
    • Simple Pressure Release Button
    • Easy-To-Use
    • Body-Safe

    ABS (cup)  and PVC (inflation bulb and hose)