• Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow


    Revolutionize Your Sex Life

    The Liberator Sex Wedge is hailed as the best sex pillow ever made. Author of the 4-Hour Body, Timothy Ferris recommends this wedge sex pillow as a "must-purchase" if you want to have better, longer-lasting sex sessions. 

    Taking up a small amount of real-estate on your bed or any surface, the Wedge adds that extra oomph you've been looking for when it comes to increasing your stamina and performance during sex. The slope, angle, and firmness make it easier to achieve your favorite sexual positions without leaving you exhausted. 

    Expertly crafted, this sex wedge has a high-density inner foam core that keeps your bodies connected, lifted, and supported whether you're exploring missionary, from-behind, cowgirl, or oral sex positions. You can also use the Wedge in various ways, which can help enhance your lovemaking sessions. Use it as a fulcrum point under the knees for adding leverage during thrusting.

    The ideal sex pillow for deeper penetration and G-post stimulation, the Liberator Sex Wedge is comfortable to maneuver and give you a more tailored sexual experience. Prolong your oral sex sessions and reduce the pain in your neck by slipping the Wedge under your lover's lower back for added lift, access, and support. 

    The unique patented interlocking threads on the micro-fiber cover make this beautiful little sex pillow the perfect companion for other Liberator products as it won't slip around during sex. All of the Liberator sex pillows and sex furniture designs work together to create a customizable pleasure experience. 


    • Liberator's best-selling sex wedge
    • Adds the perfect amount of height
    • Offers a variety of sex positioning options 
    • Lets you achieve the sex positions of your dreams
    • Works perfectly with other Liberator shapes
    • High-density foam insert offers full-body support
    • Lift, access, and support for prolonged oral sex

    Cover - Machine-washable microfiber

    Liner - Moisture resistant polyester liner

    Foam - Fully supportive polyurethane

    14” x 24” x 7”