• pjur ORIGINAL Concentrated Silicone Personal Lubricant


    This formula is great as a personal lubricant and a massage gel. 

    The silicone molecules remain on the surface of the skin and are not absorbed. As a result, pjur ORIGINAL delivers extremely long-lasting lubrication.

    Extremely concentrated, a little goes a LONG way! It’s also ideal for sex and long-lasting massages, as well as a hair smoother, tattoo shiner, and skin conditioner.


    • Silicone based intimate lubricant
    • Extra long-lasting formula
    • A few drops suffice
    • Compatible with latex condom
    • Multiple uses: lubricant, massage gel, hair smoother, tattoo shiner, skin conditioner, make-up primer, and more!

    Available in 1 oz., 3.4 oz., 8.5 oz., and 17 oz. bottles