• Shibari Pleasure Cherry Kegel Balls Progressive Weight Set


    Exercise and tone your pelvic floor muscles with this progressive weight set.

    Made of premium silicone, the cherry shape aids in both insertion and removal, thanks to the tapered tip and pliable "stem."

    The cherries vary in weight from 1.06 oz to 3.88 oz. To use, start with the lightest and work your way to the heaviest, then graduate to using two cherries in any combination that gives you the best workout.

    Stronger, toned pelvic floor muscles result in greater pleasure, stronger orgasms, and less incontinence.

    Contains 5 Silicone Cherry Kegel balls in varying weights: 

    • 1.06 oz
    • 1.41 oz.
    • 2.12 oz.
    • 3 oz.
    • 3.88 oz.