• Shunga Moonlight Bath Sea Salt Crystals


    Use these lagoon green, ocean blue, royal purple, or rich pink salts, that provide velvety, skin-smoothing bubbles, to create an oasis of relaxation. 


    • Foaming scented bath salt
    • Softens skin
    • 100% Dead Sea salt
    • Makes unctuous bubbles

    Available in 4 fragrances and colors:

    • Lotus Flower - Green Bubbles - A soothing and delightful blend of lotus, green tea and pear with aquatic notes.
    • Ocean Breeze - Blue Bubbles - A soothing aquatic blend reminiscent of a relaxing seaside day
    • Aphrodisia - ¬†Pink Bubbles - Floral and fresh, like a garden in springtime
    • Exotic Fruits - Purple Bubbles - Combines passion fruit, pineapple, grape, and kiwi to transport you to an island resort

    Each 2.6 oz. pack contains enough salts for one luxurious bath.