• Svakom Nova Kegel Training Balls


    The three sets of silicone Nova balls have varying weights for gradual increased intensity in your Kegel training program.

    Inside each Nova is a metal ball which causes a subtle vibration as it comes in contact with the outer structure due to your body's movements. This vibration stimulates your PC muscle to contract and stop the ball from slipping out. This repetitive contract-and-release of those muscles will help to strengthen and tone through your every movement.


    Effective Kegel exercise results in improved vaginal health, less incidents of incontinence, improved blood flow, and more intense orgasms.

    SVAKOM Recommends the following step-up routine for 30 minutes per day:

    • Phase One: (49 g) - Start with the lightest weight, the 49g single ball, for about 30 days.
    • Phase Two: (75 g) - Next, use the 75g double ball to increase the exercise intensity for about 30 days.
    • Phase Three: (95 g)  - Graduate to the 95g double ball to increase the exercise intensity


    Single Ball - 36 x 135 mm, 49g

    Double Ball - 28 x 162 mm, 75g

    Large Double Ball - 32 x 170 mm, 95g