• Wet Cool Tingle Water Based Arousal Lubricant


    Cooling sensation for ultimate pleasure

    For foreplay or full-on action, Wet Cool Tingle is there to intensify your experience and increase the arousal with its cooling tingle.

    This water-based formula makes it easy for application and clean up. The stain-free light-weight formula is never sticky and latex compatible.

    Wet Cool Tingle Lube offers a complementing fresh scent without harsh over the top peppermint odors. Play easy knowing there will be no interruptions or distractions.

    Apply a small amount of Wet Cool Tingle lube to the area of the body you wish to lubricate and arouse. Reapply as desired, cooling intensifies with friction or blow to cool.


    • Cooling sensation lube for ultimate pleasure
    • Fresh scent
    • Silky feel
    • Arousing and tingling sensations
    • Use as lubricant neededĀ 
    • Water-soluble
    • Glycerin free
    • Paraben free
    • Made in the USA

    Available in 3.1 oz., 6 oz., and 9 oz. bottlesĀ