Wicked Jelle Chill Cooling Anal Lubricant


With decades of experience in pleasure, the creators of Wicked have thoughtfully crafted Jelle Chill to address the specific needs of anal play.

Highly concentrated to be extra long lasting and never sticky, this super-slick, water-based lubricant stays where you put it and provides extra cushion and superior glide.

This Jelle is designed to keep you cool when playtime gets hot. Natural peppermint leaf, ginger root and menthol continue to tingle and excite you.

Desensitizers have been eliminated from the luxurious formula to ensure safety, sensation and pleasure.

Like all Wicked Sensual Care's water based formulas, Jelle is formulated with Olive Leaf Extract (a natural bio-static) which helps to prevent the spread of any bacteria, fungus, or molds. Because of its healing properties this ingredient is great for use on delicate, intimate areas and other areas of the skin that need extra care.


  • Cooling water based formula
  • Thick formula for extra cushion
  • Glycerin-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Latex Friendly
  • Long Lasting
  • pH Balanced
  • Easy Clean-up

4 oz. flip cap tube.